Declaration of 4 Associations

Phuket Tourist Association, Thai Hotels Association (Southern Chapter)
Patong Hotel Association and Kata Karon Hotel Business Association

These acts of small numbers of civil unrest at Patong Beach in the morning of August 12, 2016, were intended to frighten our society. We have urged our members to closely monitor any suspicious activities that could be occurred within the members' surrounding areas, to lift up any precautions as well as to offer right and precise information to tourists.

We estimate that the short-term effect may result in hotel cancellation among Thai people. Nevertheless, no significant cancellations among foreigners has been reported. We believe that should any security measurements arisen will greatly reassure both Thai and foreigners tourists confidence.

Overview of tourism in Phuket is now considered favorably. The occupancy rate is generally at 70% while those hotels in Patong is at 80%. Foreign visitors including tourists from China, Australia and the Middle East.

We—the collaboration of 4 associations—will assess the market situation periodically and will inform our members about various appropriate approaches including encouraging members to cooperate with the official authorities in order to restore and to ensure Phuket back to normal as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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